Are spider veins or varicose veins making your legs looks bad? If you re looking to fix that, you are considering a cosmetic vein treatment. That means you want to fix mainly the look of the legs or other area affected with problem veins.

 Medical issues are often the reason for vein treatment. For this post, though, we are talking cosmetics vein treatments.
If you are looking for a comparison, we have a whole post about cosmetic vs. medical vein treatments.
Once the issues with your veins are all fixed you will fill confident and healthy. That and keeping your downtime minimal are our goals with cosmetic vein treatment.

The recovery process for cosmetic vein treatment

The recovery time you’ll need depends on the treatment you are having done. EVLT  (endovenous laser treatment) and ambulatory phlebectomy are outpatient procedures and relatively brief – they last 45-60 minutes each. Patients are usually sent home on light duty the same day.

With any vein procedure, you can expect to be fully back to yourself in one to two weeks. Take it easy while you recover, making sure not to irritate the areas that were treated. Compression stockings are sometimes recommended for recovery or longer.

When treatment is done for issues on both legs, recovery time can take a bit longer.

Consider your health

Depending on your needs, you have a number of treatments from which to choose. The goal of each option is to divert the flow of blood from the unsightly vein to a healthier, less constricted vein. This allows your body to get the nutrients it needs more easily, improving your health and your appearance. You should speak to your doctor to decide which treatment is right for you.

Choose the right facility for your needs

When you consult your doctor, he or she may suggest one or more treatment options. The different choices are based on the severity of your veins. If you have a low to medium level of severity, your doctor will suggest injections, lasers, or a combination of both. Medium to severe veins may be dealt with over multiple sessions. Whichever treatment you use, you’ll be happy with your results.

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