Hemorrhoids come in a few varieties, and to cut to the chase, none of them are pleasant. They cause pain and irritation, usually needing a doctor to help you remove them if they do not go away on their own.

There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. They can be found in and around the anus most of the time and they cause discomfort and uneasiness, making it hard to sit comfortably.

Here are some way that may help you deal with hemorrhoids and the pain they cause:

Regulate fiber intake

dding fiver to your diet is a good way to help protect yourself against hemorrhoids. Try to get 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day for a healhy hemorrhoid diet. 

You can work this into your cooking regimen or simply keep it in mind when eating out or shopping for food to make it easier. If you’re not into cooking, a fiber supplement may be the easiest way to regulate your fiber intake. There are plenty of options out there.

Healthy levels of fiber in your diet won’t fully prevent hemorrhoids in all situations, but it’s a good start.


Many people tend to strain when theyre in the bathroom during bowel movements. This is the lead cause of hemorrhoids. If you’re having a hard time with bowel movements, rather than straining, you can mix a tablespoon of mineral oil into your foods to help lubricate your movements. You can easily mix this into foods like yogurt, applesauce, and other non solids. Your stool will pass more effortlessley with some lubrication.

Some new developments in bathrooom-based technology have also come about, like the squatty-potty, for example. Though it has not been proven in all cases, this is known to make bowel movements come out more freely. You can look into these kinds of options if against dietary changes or dealing with restrictions.

Don’t delay

Don’t hold in your bathroom urges. It isn’t always possible to get to the bathroom right away, but be mindful of it. When you need to go, GO!

Constipation, voluntary or otherwise, can make hemorrhoids even more uncomfortable than they already are. When exacerbated, hemorrhoids can become very painful, so do what you can to avoid holding it in.


Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable, irritating, and can cause you to be less active, impacting your quality of life. If your pain and discomfort are having adverse effects on your life, speak to a doctor today. If you’re located in Chicago, the team at Chicago Cosmetic Institute will be happy to help. We have experience with Hemorrhoid prevention and treatments.

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