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233 E. Erie Street Ste. 608
Chicago, IL 60611

233 E. Erie Street Ste. 608

Chicago, IL 60611
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The tech and the doctors are very nice and they let you know right away whats going i am so happy they where able to give me good news
Issa Lozada De Vega
Issa Lozada De V.
Dr. Sunje and his staff: Sandy/Vanessa- Receptionists; Cece, Paul, Madeline, Jackie, Vanessa, Joanna and Gabriela, are professional at what they do, respectively, yet personal in caring about my well being throughout the process. Each time I went, regardless of who was assisting with my outpatient procedures, they were in tuned to making sure I was taken care of. Dr. Sunje called me on a Saturday to see how I was doing from an outpatient procedure I had completed the previous day. I look forward to my visits knowing that the best outcome will be achieved with Dr. Sunje and his staff.
Maiyah Ocampo
Maiyah O.
My doc Cece was so nice and made me feel very welcomed. I asked for a specific, natural look and that’s exactly what I got. I had many questions and all of them were answered with full details. Her assistant Jazmine was so sweet and made me feel welcomed. I would definitely recommend! Every penny was worth it. Quality service in all aspects
Ula Widawska
Ula W.
This is the best vein clinic I have been to. Staff is very friendly and pleasant and Dr. Sunje gives you his undivided attention. I went for spider vein sclerotherapy on my legs and they did not only do an excellent job removing spider veins but also walked me through the steps of the procedure and did a quick ultrasound to determine and explain the underlaying causes of my spider veins. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with vein-related concerns on their legs.
Emily Robles
Emily R.
I have been to the Chicago Vein Institute twice to see Lauren for lip fillers.I can't express just how happy I am with my results! She was able to create the exact shape and pout that I was looking for. Lauren is very gentle and precise with her work. Honestly, I'm hooked and cannot wait to go back to see her again!
Jeffrey J. Peek
Jeffrey J. P.
Great place! Staff is very courteous and pro at all levels.

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