Have you heard of phlebology? It’s a pretty complicated sounding term that means something very simple. In this post, we’re going to break down the meaning as well as a few points we think you should know about when it comes to phlebology.

What is phlebology?

Phlebology is the study of veins in the human body and the diseases that affect them throughout one’s lifetime.

Basically, phlebology is just a fancy way of saying “the study of veins.”

What is a phlebologist?

A phlebologist is a physician who is specialized in diagnosing these vein diseases and treating them.

What are some of the common vein diseases treated by phlebology?

Vein diseases diagnosed and treated include things like varicose veins, spider veins, venous leg ulcers, and more.

What causes varicose veins?

When valves in the veins begin to work improperly, veins can increase in size as they malfunction more and more. Genetics can play a part in the inherent weakness of the vein walls depending on the patient.

Hormones that relax the vein wall muscle are also a common cause, which can also be genetic or gender-based. Progesterone, for example, is one of these hormones and is found in females in higher levels than in men. About 3/4 of the people suffering from varicose vein issues are women.

Is there a cure for varicose veins?

There is no cure, per say, for varicose veins. There are however many treatments available that can minimize or remove the veins you are having problems with. In other words, treatment of these veins will not alleviate the risk of more developing in the future. Many patients need to return for visits to treat new veins as they arise.

There are many treatments available now for varicose veins that require very little downtime, incisions, etc. Some of the treatments available are simple injections into the vein that will cause them to disappear from view over time as the body re-absorbs them.

What is a venous skin ulcer?

Skin ulcers arising from vein disease are caused by a venous reflux (backup) disorder. This is referred to as a venous stasis ulcer. As the blood pools, dark skin could develop in the area around the ankle. Over time this skin will become leathery or waxy as if it is pulled very tight over the surface of the leg. If you see this beginning to develop, it can be a warning sign of skin ulcers to come. Seek out consultation with a vein doctor in your area.

Treatment Methods for vein disease

What is a duplex ultrasound exam?

Ultrasound procedures for the veins are your doctor’s way of seeing the underlying anatomy f your veins. Ultrasound images will also allow them to see how the blood is flowing underneath the skin. This information will allow your doctor to correctly diagnose the problems you are having in your veins and plan treatments for you to take advantage of.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is one of the most popular modern procedures for treating spider veins and varicose veins. As we mentioned above, sclerotherapy is an injection based treatment where solution is injected into the veins, causing them to be destroyed and re-absorbed into the body through natural processes.

Even patients who choose sclerotherapy for cosmetic reasons often note improvement in the feeling of their legs after they are treated.

What is ultrasound guided sclerotherapy?

Much like traditional sclerotherapy, this is the same procedure, except an ultrasound machine is used to correctly guide the point of the needle for greater accuracy in administering treatment.

Is sclerotherapy safe?

Some patients can develop changes in the skin’s pigment in locations where veins have been injected. Chemical burns have also been noted in some patients, however this is very rare. These and all other possible complications should be asked about and explained by your doctor of choice.

Most of the time, sclerotherapy causes no long lasting complications at all.

What are the vein treatment options in Chicago? 

If you are suffering from any medical vein problems, then seeking help from an experienced doctor is vital. At the Chicago Vein Institute, our highly experienced staff can diagnose and treat a range of vein health issues.

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