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About Vein Disease in Chicago

More than 80 million people in the United States suffer from venous disorders – 40 million suffer from varicose veins. Veins have one-way valves that help keep blood flowing in the proper direction, from the lower extremities back to the heart. If these valves malfunction, blood can flow backwards and pool in the vein, causing it to stretch and damage other healthy valves.

These enlarged blood vessels fall into three groups: varicose veins, reticular veins, and spider veins (telangiectasias). Spider veins are visible on the surface of the skin as red, blue or purple lines. Varicose veins are larger and deeper and often look like bluish bumps under the skin.

Let’s face it. The routines to cover up those embarrassing veins are a daily struggle. And what they are trying to tell you could be more than just ‘skin deep’. The fact is unsightly spider and varicose veins are symptoms of circulatory failure, a more serious underlying medical condition. As are fatigue, rough skin, cramps and restless legs that only get worse with time.

At Chicago Vein Institute, our board-certified physicians specialize in treating vein disease utilizing the latest minimally-invasive techniques.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are swollen, dark blue or purple blood vessels. They often look like twisted cords, and usually appear on the calves, inside of the legs, and ankles. Symptoms associated with varicose veins include pain, heaviness, fatigue, burning, swelling, cramping, throbbing and restlessness. See our Varicose Vein page for information regarding varicose vein treatments and give us a call today to schedule your consultation with Chicago’s preeminant vein doctors. Insurance may even cover your veins so you can stop covering them up.

What are Skin Ulcers

Skin Ulcers are a very serious condition and typically require prompt attention to reverse the effects and prevent further damage to the skin and leg. A skin ulcer is caused by a disorder called venous stasis ulcers. One of the warning signs that a venous stasis ulcer is about to occur is a rapid darkening of the skin around the ankle or foot. Over time, the skin may take on leathery or wax-like qualities. Eventually, the skin will breakdown completely if the problem isn’t treated. Learn more about the causes and risk factors of vein disease.

I don’t see any red or purple vessels or any bumps. Could I still have vein disease?

Yes. Physical examination and complete color Doppler ultrasound can detect problems with blood vessels that aren’t visible otherwise. Ruling out an underlying medical condition, which is critical to getting to the issue of swollen, red, restless legs, that will only continue to get worse over time and lead to more serious medical conditions.

What are the benefits and risks associated with Color Doppler Ultrasound?


  • Ultrasound scanning provides clear and more concise images than x-rays or various other imaging methods.
  • Venous ultrasound can detect blood clots in the veins, and thus can help prevent the onset of a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that is dislodgedand flows to the lungs), a much more serious condition that is treatable if caught early.
  • Ultrasound scanning is an inexpensive and widely available method of imaging. The procedure is quick, pain-free, and the body is not exposed to any radiation. In addition, an ultrasound is completely non-invasive.
  • The procedure may be repeated as often as is necessary without risking patient health.


  • There are no known risks associated with ultrasound imaging – sonography has no harmful effect on humans.
What is Sclerotherapy?

Please visit our cosmetic sclerotherapy page page for more information on sclerotherapy.

What is Endovenous Laser Treatment and which vein conditions is it used to treat?

Please visit our EVLA page for more information on Endovenous Laser Treatment.

Is Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy different?

Please visit our medical sclerotherapy page for more information on ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider Veins or telangiectasias, are small, thin, blood vessels visible beneath the top layers of skin. They appear most commonly on the face, thighs, and feet, and may look like a series of lines, tree branches, or a spider- or web-like shape with a dark center. Although usually considered only a cosmetic problem, spider veins can show symptoms of a burning sensation or a dull, throbbing pain, and can lead to varicose veins and other serious complications. See our Spider Vein page for information regarding the treatment of spider veins.

What is Venous Insufficiency

As your arteries move nutrient rich blood from your heart to the rest of your body, veins consisting of periodic valves carry blood back to your heart to complete the circulatory system.  These valves are responsible for preventing blood from flowing backwards in your veins. Venous insufficiency occurs when your veins struggle to send blood from your limbs back to the heart, causing blood to pool in the veins in your legs.

Several factors can cause venous insufficiency, though it’s most commonly caused by blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) and varicose veins. Even if you have a family history of venous insufficiency, there are simple steps you can take to lower your chances of developing the condition.

Symptoms include fatigue, aching, itching, burning, throbbing, cramping, restlessness, and heaviness. Managing these symptoms and the daily routines to cover up unsighlty veins can be a daily struggle you don’t have to put up with anymore.

What is an ultrasound and do I really need an ultrasound even for spider veins?

In general terms, ultrasound is an imaging method that uses sound waves reflecting off of the tested area of the body to create an image. The created image provides important information to the doctor, and assists in diagnosis and treatment. The created images are captured in real time, and provide “video” of internal tissues and organs in their normal environment. Ultrasound scanning provides clear and more concise images than x-rays or various other imaging methods. At Chicago Vein Institute, our Registered Vascular Technologist performs a complete color Doppler ultrasound of the deep and superficial venous systems. With the ultrasound, we can see veins smaller than a millimeter. The ultrasound is used look for blood clots in the lower circulatory system, identify any trouble areas, and provide information on the severity of the condition. Your initial visit, which includes a medical history exam and the venous ultrasound procedure, usually takes 1½ to 2 hours. The Ultrasound procedure itself is usually less than 1 hour, and is generally painless.

Please visit our Color Doppler Ultrasound page for more information.

What are compression stockings and why would I need to wear them?

Compression stockings are generally the first method of treatment patients use before they undergo more intensive/invasive treatments. They are meant to be worn all day, applying permanent pressure to the blood vessels in the leg, which helps the blood flow back up to the heart more easily. Aside, from being used as preventative aid, compression stockings should also be worn after more intensive treatments. This ensures that the blood is redistributed to the remaining blood vessels quicker, as well as speed up recovery time. Properly fitted compression stockings can help temporarily reverse the effects of vein disease, as well as lessen discomfort and skin damage. Compression stockings are available in a variety of colors, styles and strengths.

What are my risk factors for developing vein disease and what can I do about it?

Learn more about the causes and risk factors below.

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I would highly recomend vein institute answered all my questions very professional clean and tranquil the service I'm getting are veins .
Alma Montalvo
Alma M.
16:17 16 Mar 20
Staff is nice, clean environment, I would suggest updating Google information because it has the old address listed.
Kenyetta Brown
Kenyetta B.
16:27 15 Jan 20
If you suffer from rhoids (you know what I’m talking about!) just come here. They treat them with infrared laser to reduce the swelling and it helps tremendously. It’s a quick procedure and you’ll be feeling better soon after. Don’t walk around in silence. Yes it’s awkward but it’s better than... being in pain! I hope my review helps someone. I didn’t see any other reviews about them so thought I would help others out there. They do get busy so keep that in mind. Appointments are not always immediate. They were nice enough to squeeze me in one day on the same day basis because I was in so much pain. I’m very grateful for them.read more
21:50 08 Jan 20
Very knowledgeable staff. I never had any issues after several procedures.
Aga Strall
Aga S.
18:29 19 Nov 19
Just had a wonderful experience at CVI. As a new patient, I learned so much from Paul. It is clear he loves his job, which makes the experience that much more positive. Dr. Sunje provided excellent care. I found the right place.
Lauren Rinn
Lauren R.
01:59 25 Oct 19
The tech and the doctors are very nice and they let you know right away whats going i am so happy they where able to give me good news
15:08 18 Sep 19
Dr. Sunje and his staff: Sandy/Vanessa- Receptionists; Cece, Paul, Madeline, Jackie, Vanessa, Joanna and Gabriela, are professional at what they do, respectively, yet personal in caring about my well being throughout the process. Each time I went, regardless of who was assisting with my outpatient... procedures, they were in tuned to making sure I was taken care of. Dr. Sunje called me on a Saturday to see how I was doing from an outpatient procedure I had completed the previous day. I look forward to my visits knowing that the best outcome will be achieved with Dr. Sunje and his staff.read more
Issa Lozada De Vega
Issa Lozada De V.
21:55 17 Sep 19
My doc Cece was so nice and made me feel very welcomed. I asked for a specific, natural look and that’s exactly what I got. I had many questions and all of them were answered with full details. Her assistant Jazmine was so sweet and made me feel welcomed. I would definitely recommend! Every penny... was worth it. Quality service in all aspectsread more
Maiyah Ocampo
Maiyah O.
01:31 30 Aug 19
This is the best vein clinic I have been to. Staff is very friendly and pleasant and Dr. Sunje gives you his undivided attention. I went for spider vein sclerotherapy on my legs and they did not only do an excellent job removing spider veins but also walked me through the steps of the procedure and... did a quick ultrasound to determine and explain the underlaying causes of my spider veins. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with vein-related concerns on their legs.read more
Ula Widawska
Ula W.
15:10 11 Aug 19
I have been to the Chicago Vein Institute twice to see Lauren for lip fillers.I can't express just how happy I am with my results! She was able to create the exact shape and pout that I was looking for. Lauren is very gentle and precise with her work. Honestly, I'm hooked and cannot wait to go back... to see her again!read more
Emily Robles
Emily R.
14:29 09 Aug 19
Great place! Staff is very courteous and pro at all levels.
Jeffrey J. Peek
Jeffrey J. P.
22:15 07 Aug 19
Totally amazing place! Ceci is the best and will leave you feeling and looking your absolute best!!! I’m a loyal client and will remain so!!!!
Cara Shea
Cara S.
00:24 25 Jul 19
I had such an amazing experience at the clinic. I had Dysport injections with Cecilia Lee and could not be happier with the results. She took excellent care of me and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure. Everyone I interacted with at the clinic was very professional and courteous. I... will certainly be returning. 😊read more
Todd Fischer
Todd F.
16:16 22 Jul 19
I had such an amazing experience at the clinic. I had Dysport injections with Cecilia Lee and could not be happier with the results. She took excellent care of me and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure. Everyone I interacted with at the clinic was very professional and courteous. I... will certainly be returning. 😊read more
Todd Fischer
Todd F.
16:16 22 Jul 19
Amazing staff and very professional doctors, very clean clinic. I highly recommend this place.
Jehan Tadros
Jehan T.
17:13 17 Jul 19
Extrardirary clinic love it i recommend it at 100 percentNo regrets all their doctors and nurses are so nice And the job they did on my legs at 100 percent
Ceila Beltran
Ceila B.
03:48 22 Jun 19
I is really good I recommend I feel better
Mercedes Murillo
Mercedes M.
21:37 13 Jun 19
Very nice and welcoming practice. Everyone is very nice and polite.
Marija Spasojevic
Marija S.
21:24 06 Jun 19
The staff, physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs and administrative support, are incredibly friendly, and show genuine concern for the patient. Physicians and nurses take their time, reviewing procedures with clients, and patiently answers questions. The level of competence is very high. I have been to a... lot of offices that offer medical and cosmetic procedures, but this is the absolute best I ever found, bar none. I recommended the Chicago Vein Institute to my friends, and will continue to do so. I wish I could give more than 5 points!read more
EstherSylvia Firlej-Perisin
EstherSylvia F.
18:23 05 Jun 19
Very friendly and professional staff. Keep it up 👍
Ashour Mansour
Ashour M.
02:18 05 Jun 19
I love it! They are doing a good job. I love the place because everyone is nice to me here. Special thanks to Cece, Lauren and Jackie!!
Younia Esho
Younia E.
15:59 24 May 19
Very friendly staff and the doctor always has a smile on his face. Office is clean and modern, would recommend it to anyone. Plus the mints are good 😉
Elzbieta Marczyk
Elzbieta M.
21:33 18 May 19
Wow this place is absolutely amazing. The staff and the doctors were so nice and very thorough with speaking to me about everything going on. I highly recommend this place. The doctor makes you feel like you're important and the staff and doctors listen to you. Facility was very clean. This is a... very good place if you want to come and be treated like family.read more
Tiffany Shadley Haul Kinda Girl
Tiffany Shadley Haul Kinda G.
13:44 16 May 19
Great service, knowledgeable staff and doctors. Great care.
Sandra Garza Tran
Sandra Garza T.
18:40 24 Mar 19
Go in for an evaluation. They are amazing. 20 years of me struggling with swelling in legs and no "specialist" could assist me with correcting it until I went to The Chicago Vein Institute. I'm dancing again!!!!💞😁💕
Ty'Nelle Jackson
Ty'Nelle J.
18:10 23 Mar 19
Is a good place , beautiful nurses , very responsible
Jean Karlos Pacheco
Jean Karlos P.
14:46 16 Mar 19
Very pleased with everyone. From the doctors to the ultrasound tec, and all the staff. I've been treated good, and my treatment was explained very well. Definitely recommend this place to anyone that is suffering with varicose veins. It is somewhat painful but worth it. I'm halfway with my... treatment and I already see the difference. The doctor is very caring and helpful he takes his time to call his patients afterwards to make sure that your doing good.read more
Gaby Fernandez
Gaby F.
13:51 12 Mar 19
It is so nice to see my legs without veins thanks the Chicago Vein Institute team.
Magda Gosciniewicz
Magda G.
22:22 08 Mar 19
Best doctor on chicago staff perfect I recommend to everyone who needs help I going past 6 years I’m so happy with them thanks dokturu Šunje 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Enisa Alic Besic
Enisa Alic B.
20:19 21 Feb 19
They are very professional
01:03 13 Feb 19
That’s the best clinic in Chicago!! The personnel is very high quality and they treat u like family.. I love that place!👌🏻👍🏻😀😬
Šemsija Osmančević
Šemsija O.
00:16 26 Jan 19
The whole staff was very positive and made the experience as comfortable as possible. Doctor Sunja is amazing. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Jemka Aleta Redzovic
Jemka Aleta R.
15:50 18 Jan 19
The people here are such beautiful, very vibrant people. Everyone is so consistent in how they treat me and are very welcoming to all. I sometimes go in earlier than my appointment time just to enjoy the environment.
Cynthia King
Cynthia K.
17:47 11 Jan 19
The service and the patients they treat you is wonderful I definitely recommend this place to my friends.
Itzy Bsg
Itzy B.
20:41 15 Dec 18
I experienced vary high respect from doctor and his staff.They treat you like a family, staff is so nice respectful and with smile all the time. Clinic is so clean smell good and nicely decorated.I recommend this clinic to everyone Thank you Mersija Masic
Nihad Masic
Nihad M.
16:44 11 Dec 18
I have been to so many places with my legs and there is no one better than doctor Sunje. My legs never felt & looked better before. I have amazing results and I don't have enough words to thank dr Sunje. He is a miracle doctor and I want to say to everybody out there having vein issues like me,... please don't waste your time in other clinics how I did before I discovered Chicago Vein Institute. We are so lucky to have a specialist like dr Sunje in Chicago! I also want to thank the stuff at Chicago Vein Institute. Everybody is always super friendly & nice!Thank you so much from your super happy customer!!!!read more
Natalia Larina
Natalia L.
18:31 08 Nov 18
My mom did both of her legs for varicose veins and Cece has done a tremendous job, she is very talented and very caring. We are very satisfied with the service staff as well, don’t know all the name but Mona Lisa was very helpful. Glad we choose this place. Cece you are the best, we love you.
David Barrios
David B.
00:38 12 Oct 18
I am very happy with my overall experience here, at Chicago Vein Institute. I have gone to other places before and never have gotten such deligent service!!!
Malgorzata Tarnowska
Malgorzata T.
17:42 26 Sep 18
I am very happy with my overall experience here, at Chicago Vein Institute. I have gone to other places before and never have gotten such deligent service!!!
malgorzata tarnowska
malgorzata T.
17:42 26 Sep 18
I went to the Chicago Vein Institute to address some issues with lines on my forehead and around my eyes. Dysport was recommended to me by Cecilia and I couldn’t be happier! It really softened and smoothed the lines. I’m addicted now!:)
Cara Shea
Cara S.
20:31 11 Sep 18
They have a great personal and staff. And would like to mention Cece and Mona were especially nice and made me feel comfortable
Daniel W. A. McCall
Daniel W. A. M.
18:20 23 Aug 18
I would recommend this place to anyone....since the first time i came...they attended me in a timely manner...all the M.A are very nice especially one in particular Ms Mona...she is very nice....great beside manner...the whole staff is wonderful cant say nothing bad..love it.
Elsa Jimenez
Elsa J.
18:01 23 Aug 18
The Staff at CVI are professional and caring. They remember me from 4 years ago and explain everything I need to keep my legs healthy!
Karin Becker
Karin B.
19:12 21 Aug 18
I’m very pleased with excellent service at Chicago Vein Instiute.Both Doctors and staff are very kind, professional, knowledgeable and caring. Being polish, I appreciate being able to communicate in my native language with polish staff- Gabriela, Magda and Pawel. They will answer all of your... questions, and make you feel very comfortable. I’m still undergoing treatment for my varicose veins and already feeling much better. Go see them! You will not be disappointed!read more
Zofia Kret
Zofia K.
20:08 20 Aug 18
Chicago vein clinic is amazing wonderful staff very professional very friendly. I would definitely refer them to all of my friends. The best Dr. M Sunje .
Gemma Garcia
Gemma G.
02:12 11 Aug 18
The experience that I have with Chicago vein clinc . No words best place ,, best employees and the best.,, Cici and Dr Susni !!!! I had already recommended some of friends.. When you have a roll model you have it all ❤️!! Blessings for all Maria
Ariana Alvarez
Ariana A.
20:33 10 Aug 18
That’s the best clinic in Chicago!! The personnel is very high quality and they treat u like family.. I love that place!
Mal Gosia
Mal G.
19:35 10 Aug 18
This is the best clinic and staff, so far I’ve been doing great in every of my doctor appointments they have high quality service focussed in their customers
Chio García
Chio G.
22:14 09 Aug 18
Employees at this vein clinic are very professional I really like Laura, Cece, and Mona they made my experience very comfortable. I’m looking forward to continue my journey to better health and beauty.
Angela Griffin
Angela G.
19:31 09 Aug 18
Love them! Everyone is very nice.
Melissa Hill
Melissa H.
23:43 02 Aug 18
I had an excellent experience, I had vein treatments with no pain at all , doctors and staff are wonderful , professional.. They make me feel comfortable, not afraid . I will highly recommend this place to family and friends, best place ever! Thank you chicago vein institute....
Maria Chavez
Maria C.
19:13 02 Aug 18
Muy profesionales excelentes estoy muy satisfecha con su trabajo 🤗
Violeta Cuenca Alemán
Violeta Cuenca A.
16:15 10 Jul 18
The staff here is phenomenal - always friendly, understanding, and able to communicate to you in clear and precise terms. I’ve never had to wait - my appointment always began promptly on time, which I really commend the doctors and their staff for. The place is clean, has parking, and I can’t... say enough positive things about my experience here. Def would recommend!read more
Adam Elliott
Adam E.
15:33 15 May 18
I had my first laser hair removal treatment a few weeks ago with Shari. From the moment I walked in she (and the entire staff) made me feel completely at ease with her professional, polite demeanor and her extensive knowledge of the process. I was nervous to say the least. I had heard procedures... like this could be painful, but she did absolutely everything she could to make me feel comfortable and confident in the process. I still have 5 more sessions to go but Im still completely amazed at the progress they already made in one treatment. Shari took the process from something I had great anxiety about, to something I am actually looking forward to.Most of all I was impressed with her immediate email followup when I arrived home. You just don't see things like that too often. She seemed genuinely interested in how I was feeling and my experience overall. She took the time to answer all of my followup questions also which was beyond refreshing. I am so thankful there are professionals out there that take their job seriously and consider the patients feelings in everything they do. I would definitely refer them to all of my friends!read more
Nichole Johnston
Nichole J.
00:40 28 Apr 18
I highly recommend the Chicago Vein Institute! They made me feel so comfortable with their welcoming staff and incredibly knowledgeable assistants and doctors. Dr. Sunje is the best in his field and I feel so very fortunate to have been treated by him and his staff. Besides being a perfectionist... at what he does, he is also warm, welcoming and thoughtful! The two procedures I had were endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy. I walked away from each procedure with little to no discomfort. I followed all the pre-and post care instructions and so I am healing very well. I honestly cannot thank the staff and doctors enough for making this experience as easy as they did. Thank you to Dr. Sunje, Richard, Paul and Sarah! The Dream Team!read more
Dawn Barkey
Dawn B.
23:03 19 Apr 18
Very professional,kind and extremely helpful They make me feel comfortable and not afraid.My procedure( EVLT) was done with minimum pain.Thank you DR.SUNJE
Alma Omercajic
Alma O.
17:05 07 Apr 18
Great place to have your vein issues treated.If I could I'll give this place a million stars,but reviews highest you can give is just five stars. I had my treatment done at this facility two years ago and the results and outcome have being phenomenal.The staff is very... knowledgeable,friendly,compassionate and very accommodating.The minute you walk in the facility you will feel welcome and appreciated. I am very happy I did what I did and that I chose the right place to do so.read more
Jose Castro
Jose C.
19:00 06 Apr 18
Excellent Doctors they are very professional the Nurse are excellent Recepcionist Excellent service and Polite I recommend Chicago Vein Institute I have a beautifully Legs Now and the Pain it's gone Great people Thank you Doctors, Nurses, and all Staff Thank youuu so much !... 😊❤🌹read more
Lumy My
Lumy M.
13:25 05 Apr 18
Chicago vein clinic is amazing wonderful staff very professional very friendly they make you feel so comfortable and dr.sunje the best thanks to him my legs look great and I feel amazing I recommend dr.sunje and his staff 100%
Wendy Perez
Wendy P.
04:03 23 Mar 18
I’ve been coming to this place with my gramma for her treatments and she is very satisfied with results.People working here are always so nice and helpful.Dr Sunje is always bringing smile on her face and relief for her legs 😉👍🏻I’m recommending Chicago Vein Institute 100%... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️read more
Natalia Brzozowska
Natalia B.
15:03 20 Mar 18
coming in to this vein clinic is the best thing that i have done in the last 5 yrs because i have been in pain with my both legs For tHat long.The doctors and the assistants were very professional and very nice. They tell you every step of the way what they gonna do. They make you feel comfortable... and not afraid. So thank you.read more
Rey Eliot
Rey E.
23:50 27 Feb 18
Excellent experience with Dr.Sunje and the staff. Highly recommend dr Sunje and Chicago Vein Institute.
Branko Rakic
Branko R.
13:41 25 Feb 18
My doctor and the staff here are wonderful!!! After 19 years of no one knowing how to fix the swelling, pain and numbness in my legs, I was referred here. After spending 15 minutes with me, Dr. M. Sunje diagnosed and executed a care plan. He gave me my dancing legs back with barely any pain. I'm... back teaching and dancing. I LOVE THE CHICAGO VEIN INSTITUTE!!! I completed my last procedure today!!! 5 stars just isn't enough. Thank you for giving me back my dance and my mobility!!!read more
Tina Jackson
Tina J.
21:50 22 Feb 18
great staff great doctors they explained in detail everything concerning my procedure definitely very knowledgeable kind and patient very satisfied!!
raquel hernandez
raquel H.
18:37 01 Feb 18
AMAZING STAFF, GREAT LOCATION, AND FREE PARKING! Couldn't have asked for a better experience !
Amina A Djulovic
Amina A D.
14:02 01 Feb 18
I have never had a better experience at a doctor's office! The front desk staff was fantastic! They were kind, understanding and extremely helpful. All of my questions were answered and my trepidation were quickly eased. The doctor and the medical staff were also INCREDIBLE! I was welcomed with a... warm smile by everyone. Dr. Sunje was so kind and knowledgeable. He was able to answer every single one of my questions and instilled in me such a sense of assurance and security. These sorts of professionals are hard to come by and I am so happy to have had this wonderful experience. I HIGHLY recommend the Chicago Vein Institute and I would give them 10 stars if I could!!!read more
Irma Kolaković
Irma K.
14:52 24 Jan 18
So friendly and knowledgeable. I know I am getting the best treatment.would recommend this place to anyone needing these procedures done
Phyllis Fullington Sieburg
Phyllis Fullington S.
20:38 11 Jan 18
It is a place that every time ,I am going in there,for an appointment, I feel confident, because I know ,I am under good hands, the knowledge, and the kindness,it is hard to find sometimes,in clinics or hospitals.
Carlos Garza
Carlos G.
21:39 04 Jan 18
The doctors and the staff are wonderful! Very knowledgeable and really caring. I enjoy everyone here and really have gotten to know quite a few since I have become a frequent flyer with all of my procedures. Sometimes the wait time can get extensive which Is why I prefer a morning appointment.... Overall I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who has issues with varicose veins or any issues with their legs!!!read more
Amy Mallers Perez
Amy Mallers P.
17:46 15 Dec 17
I love the doctors there and the staff is awesome they take you in and you're treated like family,I don't know what I would have done without them.I thank the FATHER for placing Doc into my life at a point where I was ashamed of my legs, now they have a ways to way but I'm so happy. Dr.Sunja you're... heaven sent !!!!keep up the amazing work (MANY BLESSINGS GUYS)read more
vanessa penrose
vanessa P.
19:15 19 Nov 17
I can't thank the entire staff enough for everything. I had two pregnancies in my early 20's back to back and developed varicose veins. I was extremely insecure and in severe pain. I tried everything to cover it up with make-up, airbrush, and tanning. I tried just about every home remedy nothing... worked. I am so grateful to Cici for making me feel confident she is so great at what she does. And to Dr. Sunje for relieving me from the pain. I can have my kids sit on my lap now with no pain or discomfort at all. My legs feel and look so much better. Everyone works so hard to make you feel comfortable. I wouldn't trust going anywhere else.read more
Summer AbuRahmeh
Summer A.
00:35 19 Nov 17
Excellent staff,always very professional and courteous,I would and have recommended this practice to all my family and friends.
Stuart Obrien
Stuart O.
22:41 13 Oct 17
The staff it's very friendly and professional.
Addy Cruz
Addy C.
14:35 13 Oct 17
I'm very satisfied with this company and the staff. They make me feel comfortable and explain the percedures there gonna be doing on me. I would recommend there differently to other's that have varicose vain like myself.
Leo Zea
Leo Z.
22:23 07 Sep 17
excellent people with excellent experience
Francisco Ortiz
Francisco O.
19:21 23 Aug 17
Great people, great clinic..wonderful experience.Dr.Sunje is the best, love the staff. Sandy, Vanessa, Sara are very nice and friendly and professional.
Dina Nona
Dina N.
21:53 22 Aug 17
It's a very nice facility...very nice workers and doctors... I totally recommend it �
Nina David
Nina D.
22:02 18 Aug 17
Easily the best medical experience I have had due to knowledgeable, cordial staff and a modern, relaxed office design.
Phillip Jagielo
Phillip J.
16:54 18 Aug 17
I have the greatest compliments for Dr. Sunje and staff at Chicago Vein Institute. My leg symptoms have improved significantly. I no longer feel the cramps and aching pain I experienced for years before treatment. Dr. Sunje and staff did a great job and were very professional and courteous along... the way. read more
Nihad Latic
Nihad L.
19:19 13 Jun 17
My experience with Dr. Sunje & staff is very satisfying! Great caring professionals, I'mglad I was treated by the best! Thanks everyone!
Milijana Stosovic
Milijana S.
02:12 06 Jun 17
I was having leg cramps every night and I came to Chicago Vein Institute and was educated on the vein disorder I was dealing with. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Sunje treated my veins and now I don't live with leg cramps anymore and can even wear shorts! Many thanks to him and his... staff.read more
Alan curtis
Alan C.
17:19 10 Mar 17
Thank you for exceptional treatment and experience to the whole team. The doctor and all the staff were very welcoming,warm and knowledgeable. I admire the professionalism and efficiency of the institute and would recommend it highly.
Bella Cojo Hadziahmetovic
Bella Cojo H.
03:45 27 Feb 17
Wonderful ! Great experience with dr. Sunja and office staff. Easy to schedule appointment, very clean office which I really liked, office staff very friendly especially Natasha the nurse who was extremely nice every time and made my fears go away. I had lasers, phlebotomy and sclerotherapy on both... my legs and all I can say it was done with no pain for me at all!Extremely happy with the results!Highly recommended to everyone!read more
02:49 18 Feb 17
After having three children, I thought I wasn't going to be able to use skirts anymore I'm so glad I found Vein Institute Dr Sunje and his team were excellent, Dr Sunje is very caring and highly skilled, it has been three years that I had the vein treatment to this date my legs look and feel great,... without hesitation I highly recommend Dr Sunje and his profesional friendly team.read more
Viviesro 0101
Viviesro 0.
18:39 07 Feb 17
I had an excellent experience at the Institute. I found Dr Sinde and the medical staff to be knowledgeable and friendly. The entire experience was great. I would recommend it.
Borka Konte
Borka K.
11:56 02 Feb 17
I am highly satisfied with the treatment I had at this clinic and my legs feel amazing!!!! The providers are wonderful and especially Dr Sunje with his patient-oriented approach that made me feel assured and comfortable before, during and after each procedure.
Monika Magierska
Monika M.
19:15 02 Nov 16
One month ago I finished three different stages of treatments. Often I was waking up with the pain in my legs. After first few treatments I already could see the difference. Now I'm done with all the treatments and my legs look totally different, they look great and I feel lot better. I am so... happy and greatful for all help I received in chicago institute vein clinic. The doctors and staff were wonderful and professional. I highly recommend this Institute. Thank you once again for all treatments and help I received from this clinic.read more
Halina Matlok
Halina M.
17:38 14 Sep 16
There very professional & very nice people & the doctors are so amazing.
Lisandra Lebron
Lisandra L.
18:26 12 May 16
Dr. Mensur Sunje is an extremely caring and highly skilled medical professional, specializing in the field of internal medicine, varicose vein disorders, phlebotomy, and beyond. He explains medical condition(s) in detail, conducts timely follow ups with his patients, and carefully listens and... answers any questions. Aside from his expertise and professionalism, he is also a very pleasant and giving individual, sensitive to his patient’s needs. During my ongoing varicose veins treatment, I have developed the highest level of respect and trust in Dr. Sunje and his decisions. I can attest that my yearlong treatment has been a success and I feel relieved, rejuvenated, and confident. In addition, I can honestly say that I found the entire staff to be amazing! It has been my great pleasure to know all of them. I highly recommend this facility.Merima Pehlivanovicread more
Merima Pehlivanovic
Merima P.
01:42 02 May 16
Professionalism of the highest level accompanied by warm personal interaction between the doctor, medical personnel and patient. I am in the second phase of the treatment for vericose veins and can say that the experience has been very positive and reassuring.
Vesna Zafirovski
Vesna Z.
15:23 24 Mar 16
I have been going to the Chicago Vein Institute for a couple of years now. The Dr's are very knowledgeable and explain the procedures before they start treatment. I always get a follow up call to see how I'm doing. They really do care. The STAFF are the BEST . They are one of the main reasons I... come back. Always greeting you with a smile and taking care of all your concerns. I highly recommend them.Sylvia Gread more
Sylvia Guerrero
Sylvia G.
19:48 27 Apr 15
The best Best Doctor, Best Clinic, Best Service, Best Support.HIghly recommend ! The Tip of the World.
Cooper Richard
Cooper R.
23:09 25 Apr 15
My right leg was giving me trouble and was constantly swelling. My doctor referred me to the Chicago Vein Institute. I was amazed at the wonderful concern and care that was given to me and my problem. The doctor and staff were always accommodating and efficient. My problem was diagnosed and... treatment was painless. I am forever grateful to all the people and would recommend anyone with a problem with their veins, go and seek treatment. Hats off to all at the Institute!!read more
robloxman 86
robloxman 8.
19:46 24 Apr 15
Dr. Mensur O. Sunje is a wonderful doctor! He did a great job, was helpful in explaining all the procedure, and followed up with me the next day after all the procedures I had( and they were many) . I would recommend Dr. Sunje to anyone.I had really bad varicose veins in my both legs and it... started like long ago and they kept getting worse. I had treatments done for my varicose veins and the results were amazing. I have much more nice legs now, than a year ago, thanks to the Vein institute. The Staff is very helpful, nice, and professional. They covered all my worries. Thank you so much for the work they do.read more
18:57 24 Apr 15
Dr. Mensur O. Sunje is wonderful! He did a great job, was helpful in explaining the procedure, and followed up with me the next day (on the weekend!). I would recommend Dr. Sunje to anyone.
Laura A. Wellman
Laura A. W.
11:53 24 Apr 15
Son muy amables y muy profesionales me gusto mucho la atención q me. Brindaron gracias 🙂
Rocio Barrera
Rocio B.
21:36 24 Oct 14
Everyone here is so nice...love the new office...all my spider veins and varicose veins are gone!!
Letitia Torgerson Mika
Letitia Torgerson M.
22:07 26 Aug 14
I started seeing tiny red spider veins in my legs during my first pregnancy, and they kept getting worse. I had treatments done for my varicose veins and it wasn’t painful at all. I felt right at home when going to my treatments. The Staff is very helpful, nice, and professional. They covered... all my worries and they cured all my varicose veins. I’m not ashamed anymore how my thighs look when I wear shorts. My legs feel lighter and do not hurt anymore. I wish I had done this sooner! I recommend, without hesitation, the physicians and staff at Chicago Vein Institute. read more
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth H.
14:40 17 Jun 14
Love the staff and their work ethic.
Edward Prodanovic
Edward P.
16:53 02 Apr 14
Fantastic staff and devices
Hasib Mujic
Hasib M.
19:25 08 Jan 14
My enormous "THANK YOU" TO DR SUNJE who helped me to avoid a surgery that i had always thought was the only solution in my case. I was suffering from internal hemorrhoid for more than a year. An attempt to heal it out myself with the help of ointments led me to a shameful failure. The overuse of... hydrocortisone creams for a long period of time resulted in worsening of my condition dramatically. Fortunately, i got into good hands. Besides the progressive healing results of my "big time problem" i've experienced a warm atmosphere of clinic staff, an outstanding professionalism and humanistic attitude of Dr Mensur O Sunje, It's worthless to suffer from an issue than can be taken care of promptly with successful results!!!!!!THANK YOU VERY MUCHread more
Oksana Taratula
Oksana T.
04:05 13 Apr 13

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