Patients and potential patients suffering from varicose veins don’t always see doctors right away. You don’t see them all the time and they’re easy to forget about when they aren’t painful. Even when you know they don’t look good, some people (especially men) aren’t willing to have procedures done to fix them.

The problem with this thought process is that varicose veins are a health risk. Untreated venous diseases can lead to long-term complications, disease, and impairment of abilities like running and walking normally.

At Chicago Vein Institute, we specialize in helping our patients get rid of vein disorders like varicose veins as quickly and easily as possible. There are minimally invasive procedures out there that can help you get rid of your varicose veins with very little fuss. Recovery times from varicose vein procedures are lower than ever thanks to advancements in medical technology.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the complications that can come about when you do not treat varicose veins properly or at all.

Issues that can come about when you ignore your varicose veins.

Poor Circulation in the Legs

Varicose veins are a disease. The most common area to see these veins is on the legs and feet, although this disease can occasionally affect other areas of the body. It’s not just a cosmetic blemish on your skin that makes your veins stick out. The veins are having trouble circulating blood through your body, which is why your legs and feet will bother you at times.

If you notice that you feel exceptionally tired when performing daily activities or that your legs or feet throb after physical exertion, it could be a circulation problem. Vein treatments can fix the veins or remove severely damaged veins, improving circulation.

Pain and Discomfort in the Legs

Varicose veins can cause pain in the legs as blood tries to travel through the damaged blood vessels. Your legs or feet may feel warm, start to burn, swell, or feel heavy. You may even have restless legs that won’t stay still when you try to relax. Varicose veins can be the source behind all of these problems, so you can see how leaving this condition untreated can lead to a decline in your overall health. If you need to see a vein specialist in the Chicago area, we encourage you to make an appointment with our office for a consultation.

Leg Swelling

As the pressure within your veins builds up, they can actually leak into the surrounding tissues of the body, causing swelling. Skin gets tighter, is more impressionable to the touch, and the legs can become quite painful.

When swelling becomes severe,  your skin can begin to leak and ooze fluid from the legs. Skin can also become hard and discolored, indicating a real problem under the skin. At this point, you will need to see a doctor or be admitted to a hospital for treatment right away.

The common at-home treatments for swelling of the legs (when not severe) is raising them up above your body or wearing compression stockings.

Skin Ulcers

In relation to swelling, skin can also crack, forming ulcers on the surface. Open wounds that can leave you susceptible to infection. The skin can be weakened and heal more slowly from minor cuts and bruises, too.

The tension on swollen skin makes it very hard for the skin to heal properly, the way it would with more “slack.” This is what causes skin ulcers to remain open over long periods of time.

Ulcers are very treatable and often possible to heal completely with the right care by a doctor who specializes in vein procedures like this.


It goes without saying, open sores and ulcers on the skin are prone to infection. Any open wound, cut, or scrape on the skin is susceptible in the same way. The generally large size of ulcers and other skin conditions related to the veins makes them more dangerous than most other issues.

Bacteria located on our skin (even the ones that are there normally) can get into the body through these open areas of the skin and cause major damage to our internal systems.

Warning signs of infection generally include redness & hotness in the area of skin affected. Medication will be needed from a doctor to treat infections of the skin related to vein diseases like varicose veins.


Thrombophlebitis is otherwise known as a blood clot. Blood is more likely to clot when there are also varicose veins present under the skin. The are will become painful and warm, much like it does when infected.

This is generally when varicose veins become harder to the touch.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) happens when circulation of blood flows and it is moving slowly throughout the venous system. When blood clots begin to form deep within the body, we call it deep vein thrombosis. Also known as DVT, it happens most often in the lower legs and thighs, the same risk areas for varicose veins.

DVT can lead you down a path of major health issues. In some cases, it is fatal. If you feel like you might have DVT or the beginning signs, get int ouch with a local doctor or hospical right away. It is a serious issue!

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