If you suffer from spider veins, you know the problems they can entail. Not only are spider veins unsightly, but they may also pose a health risk. As result, some form of medical treatment, including spider vein removal, may become necessary. You will need to talk to your doctor and, definitely, consult the experts at a vein removal clinic such as the one we operate, here at the Chicago Vein Institute.

Options for Spider Vein Treatment

The fine, imprecise lines that run in a pattern across your arms and legs can be more than a visual issue. Talking to a professional in the field can help you understand the best treatment for this condition. In some cases, alternative treatments may be recommended. These involve:

  • Changes in your exercise levels
  • Eating a better diet
  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Changes in footwear -“ avoiding high heels and always opting for comfortable, well-fitting shoes and boots
  • Avoiding prolonged sitting or standing

However, these approaches may not be effective for you, as they are not the right treatment for all cases. Some cases require surgical removal of these veins. This can be invasive or non-invasive. It will depend on the physician in charge, your personal health situation and the specifics of your particular type of spider vein. Removal is one of the main options in many cases. This could be your best hope.

Spider Vein Removal

Of all the options, this is the only one that requires surgical procedures. Make sure you talk to experts in their field such as ours, at the Chicago Vein Institute. Spider vein removal, after all, is surgery and requires the capabilities and experience of a professional. You do not want to undergo even non-invasive microsurgery if you are not confident that the surgical team has the experience or the expertise to perform the procedure.

Our knowledgeable physicians can guide you through the process from start to finish. We understand what is best in your situation. We can carefully and completely explain the options available to you and discuss matters such as:

  • What each procedure involves
  • The difference between the three basic types of endovenous ablation (EVA): Laser Ablation, Radiofrequency Ablation, and Sclerotherapy
  • Which procedures are invasive or noninvasive surgery
  • The results of each type of spider vein removal
  • How long the recovery time will be
  • How much each procedure would cost and whether any is covered by your insurance

By the time you have concluded your free vein consultation visit, you should feel better informed. You should also be comfortable enough to decide on a treatment. Moreover, by this point, you would have discovered why clinics such as the Chicago Vein Institute are invaluable in providing the treatment you deserve and require, such as spider vein removal.

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