Ways to stay active and keep your blood flowing during the quarantine

Want to coronavirus hit, it became easier to stay in, log them come, and leave the sedentary lifestyle that really hurt us in the long run. At a certain point, you have to think about what type of effect it’s having on your health. It can be difficult to keep an exercise routine are in a pandemic, but it is possible.

In this quick guide, we’re going to go through seven easy ideas that can help get you started and come and get you active, and keep your veins healthy for the long term, all without ever having to see a doctor!!

Take a 20-minute walk

Take advantage of everybody else being inside and go for a walk. It’s good for your health and keeps you in good spirits when all we tend to hear is negativity on the TV and social media. it’s a low-impact exercise that most people at any fitness level can do.

If you live in Chicago I guess there are tons of other places that you can go for a really nice scenic walk.

Get a new piece of fitness equipment

Getting a brand new piece of fitness equipment can keep you dedicated to working out and achieving your goals. So my bags like the peloton and the echelon are a bit pricey, but come with loads of workouts and turn exercise into a form of social media that can keep you rewarded and interested.

Subscribe to a workout plan

You don’t have to buy a big piece of equipment to get started with an exercise plan. There are tons of them, many of which you can get for free on YouTube. take it vantage of winning bodyweight exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation as well as yoga to keep you warmer, flexible and to keep your blood flowing in a healthy way.

Stand up regularly

You should take a moment to stand throughout the day. You should do this at least once every hour to keep your legs and veins healthy. Set a timer in the beginning so that you don’t forget!

Augmented reality gaming

If you’re into gaming, augmented reality games as Pokémon go can offer you in-game benefits for staying active and exploring in the real world.

Get a smartwatch

Smartwatches have tons of built-in activity trackers and other apps to keep you interested in staying healthy. From breathing regularly, standing, getting enough activity in a day, it can all be managed through simple user-friendly applications on a smartwatch As well as a smartphone.

Find time to breathe

Take five minutes every once in a while to Bring focus to your breathing and breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes at a time. Focusing on your breath can have tremendous health benefits according to many specialists.


If you follow some of the steps we’ve outlined above, you can improve blood curculation and overall health. If you need help fitting all the pieces together, get in touch with us today. We can screen the veins for potential issues and help you create a plan to restore vein health.

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