Laser vein treatments improve the look, feel, or overall health of your veins, laser treatment for varicose veins is a relatively new option that you may not have considered.

The number of individuals applying for laser treatment rather than more invasive vein correction goes up year after year. The facts point out that laser therapy is one of the most popular procedures of the 21st century due to its minimally invasive nature and short recovery period.

If you are trying to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for laser treatment, or are simply seeking to learn more about the process, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at the information below for a brief exploration of laser specific surgeries and procedures, and why individuals seeking relief from unsightly varicose veins use them.

How Does laser vein treatment Work?

Laser treatment, also sometimes referred to as laser therapy, uses a very specific tool. You guessed it, vein clinics use the lasers to treat blemishes and vein related problems. The concept may sound like something from an old science fiction film, but the process is scientifically accurate and quite fascinating. Vein clinic professionals use lasers, intensely localized light beams, in order to temporarily damage veins. In essence, the process “tricks” veins into forming a certain degree of scar tissue, which then closes the injured vein. A closed vein is not a functioning vein. After becoming scabbed over, damaged veins are unable to accumulate blood from various sources, resulting in the veins’ slow death over one to two years.

Why Choose Clinical Procedures?

Many patients choose clinical procedural options, and for different reasons. However, the most popular reason involves the unwelcome emergence of varicose veins. Varicose veins typically emerge due to the twisting and enlargement of veins within the body, usually more specifically located in the arms or legs. Varicose veins do not usually cause any significant health problems, but they may result in pain after prolonged periods of standing. Most people simply report to clinicians due to the “bumpy” appearance of varicose veins, which are not considered aesthetically appealing in today’s world.


Two primary methods of varicose vein treatment exist within the field of laser treatment. The most commonly practiced method is referred to as a “simple treatment plan”, and is far less intrusive than other methods of vein treatment. Simple treatment is administered above the surface of the skin and is used to treat small veins that are shallow or close to the surface of a person’s skin. Small varicose veins such as these are sometimes referred to as spider veins. Larger varicose veins are usually treated with endovenous methods, which involve the use of catheters and ultrasound screens.

Keep this information in mind, in order to better understand the relationship between laser treatment and varicose veins.

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