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Cosmetic reasons aren’t the only time sclerotherapy is recommended by your doctor. For more serious vein issues such as varicose veins, treatment can be recommended by your doctor for medical reasons.

Painful pressure can build up inside of varicose veins. Medical sclerotherapy treatment with a laser is now an alternative to traditional surgery, which used to be the only option we had to close these veins and stop the pain.

When you are looking for a vein treatment clinic in Chicago, it is important for you to see which treatments they offer. Not all clinics offer the same options for vein care. At the Chicago Vein Institute, you will benefit from a wide range of treatment options. We maintain a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic and medical vein treatments. We are able to choose which is the right treatment for you from an array of options all aimed at helping you achieve a healthy, pain-free blood flow. 

Sclerotherapy Facts & Info

Benefits of the Sclerotherapy Procedure

Procedures are performed directly in the office, and anesthesia is not required Patients have minimal pain and discomfort. There is no scarring whatsoever to worry about. There is also no downtime, so this is a good choice if people want to improve their bodies without having to take time away from work or family obligations. Nobody has to know that you had a procedure done because there will be no telltale signs of surgery. You won’t have to take time off of work, either.

Sclerotherapy can be performed with any skin type and complexion.

Non-surgical treatment of venous disease:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Local anesthesia
  • Little to no downtime
  • Quick, in-office procedures
  • Performed on all skin types

Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

Our doppler ultrasound servers a purpose in this procedure, as well.

Doctors use an ultrasound and fine gauge needle to inject a small amount of special solution into the affected veins. This allows us to target problem veins with great precision.

The injectable substance causes the vein(s) to collapse.

Surface Sclerotherapy

This alternative is often used to eliminate spider veins. Like ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy procedures, a very small needle is used to inject a solution that targets the unhealthy veins, and they will eventually disappear. If you’re thinking about Chicago-area options to treat unhealthy veins, contact us today to find out more about both of these solutions. We look forward to helping you find an appropriate solution.

Procedure and Recovery Timeline

After three to five sessions (on average), problem veins will be collapsed and begin disappearing. Over a period of about three to six months, the treated veins will completely disappear from view.

This intervention may be recommended for people with poor circulation because it shifts blood flow to healthy veins, however, it is often chosen simply for cosmetic reasons as well.

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